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Stopping Uranium Mining

Uranium Mining is too Risky for Virginia - Get the Facts


· No uranium mining and milling operation has ever been licensed in the U.S. east of the Mississippi.  The region’s wet climate and high population make it too risky.

· Uranium mining has left superfund federal clean-up sites everywhere it has been done west of the Mississippi River.

· The drinking water supply of Virginia Beach is downstream of the proposed mine in Southside.  Other cities downstream of uranium deposits include Fredericksburg and Richmond.

· The radioactive waste produced by a uranium mining and milling operation is stored on site for more than 1,000 years. Any leakage could contaminate waterways and wells.

· The coal ash spill that flooded 400 acres in Tennessee last year was caused by a dam failure similar to the earthen dams used to and would have been much worse if it had contained radioactive uranium “tailings.”

· Adequate uranium sources are presently available to meet energy demand, and mining in Virginia will not affect electricity costs in the state.


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