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The New Comprehensive Plan


The Swift Creek Plan applied to only the watershed that leads into the Swift Creek Reservoir. For three years Chesterfield County debated a Master Plan for the whole County. This will include the James River and Appomattox River watersheds.  The new plan does not contain language that requires clean water so ordinances will have to be written that our binding.  This will require public input and Hands Across the Lake will be involved.

The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality designated Lake Chesden as an impaired watershed because of too high  phosphorus. Improving the water quality will benefit the economy by  improving boating and recreation. The new plan will encompass the Lake Chesden Watershed and all Chesterfield Watersheds.

Lake Chesden:


County Comprehensive Plan Meetings

hal group comprehensive planc

With this model there was no need for a Powhite Extension.


HAL members showed that most future population growth for the next 30 years in Chesterfield could be put in existing paved areas or "Brownfields" serviced by public transit. We showed a model for this with only a few Brandermill style houses built in the Swift Creek watershed and a retirement community built near the Eastern point of Chesterfield.


Each Square represents a certain number of dwelling units or job locations, the total representing all future growth expected for Chesterfield in the next 30 years.  You can see only a few yellow blocks near the watershed, a retirement community in the southern west side. Some river area shops and restaurants behind a James River-City Point green belt built on existing brownfields. Employment centers and apartments are build along brownfields on the Midlothian and I-95 corridors to be serviced by bus rapid transit to Downtown and Insbrook with light rail added along rail lines from Midlothian and Petersburg.


All HAL members at the comprehensive meeting supported this model.  This plan included a wide conservation area near all water resources and huge parks in the Swift Creek and western Appomattox watershed. This picture is from the county website.