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Hands Across The Lake

Hands Across The Lake is a nonprofit community organization located in Midlothian, Virginia, that focuses on promoting the health and life of Swift Creek Reservoir and the other watersheds of Chesterfield County.  Our mission is to (i) preserve Swift Creek Reservoir, Lake Chesdin and the James River, as drinking water sources and beautiful recreational resources; (ii) inform and educate residents about the status of Swift Creek Reservoir and the other Chesterfield County watersheds; and (iii) promote cooperation between citizens and the government of Chesterfield County in maintaining the environmental health of Swift Creek Reservoir and the other two watersheds.

Among our recent activities was a tour of Proctor's Creek Waste Water Facility as part of our efforts to remain current with Chesterfield County's water/wastewater treatment technology. Currently, we are engaged in the following activities:

1.  Organizing a booth for the John Tyler Community College's Fool for Art (Earth Day) Event (Many Years);

2.  Monitoring the progress in implementing the new Chesterfield County Comprehensive Plan, especially the implementation of the water/waste water and environment elements;

3.  Monitoring the reorganization of the Chesterfield County Code of Ordinances to conform these laws to the new Comprehensive Plan in order to ensure that the laws protecting the Upper Swift Creek and other watersheds are preserved;

4.  Participating in the efforts to maintain the Uranium Mining Ban in Virginia;

5.  Cooperating with a Lake Chesdin resident in promoting  his water conservation proposals for Chesterfield County; and

6.  Monitoring the agendas of the Chesterfield County Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors and formulating positions on various proposals before these two government bodies.

Hands Across the Lake has been active in Chesterfield County for over twenty years, with formal tax-exempt status acquired in the 1990's.  Although HAL was started by Brandermill and Woodlake residents, we have members from various areas of Chesterfield County as well as Richmond and Henrico.  We welcome any adult who has an interested in the Swift Creek, Chesdin, and James River watersheds and environments!  Although HAL has never had minor children as members, activities in past years have included educational activities for children.  Further, the handouts and materials developed for various events, such as Earth Day, always include items designed for young people.  Anyone interested in joining HAL may contact us through telephone (804-744-1443), e-mail ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) or in person at the various community meetings at which HAL members are in attendance.



Our Mission

To preserve the Swift Creek Reservior and other county watersheds as sources of drinking water for Chesterfield County. To inform and educate residents about the status of the Swift Creek Reservoir watershed and other watersheds in Chesterfield County. To promote cooperative actions between residents and their governing bodies to maintain the health of the Swift Creek Reservoir and other county waterdsheds.

Click here Tom Pakurar's video about Hands Across the Lake

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